Baby Equipment Rental FAQ - Montreal, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive the baby equipment?

We will deliver, set-up (where possible) and pick-up the equipment for you. If you need to set up the equipment yourselves, we will leave you detailed instructions on how to do so. To ensure quality of service, we deliver ALL items.

We do not install car seats.(In October 2003, Quebec passed a law outlining that children must be in a car or booster seat until they reach sitting height of 63cm (25in) and weigh more than 100lbs (45kg)).

We provide manuals for each piece of equipment you rent, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you have read and understood them.

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How far in advance do we need to reserve baby equipment?

We recommend you reserve as soon as possible to make sure we have the items in stock. We do realise, however, that plans change, so please let us know immediately so that we can change or cancel your order.

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Do you check and clean the equipment between rentals?

We check all equipment for damages, upon pick-up of an item. If an item gets damaged during your rental period, we will retain an appropriate amount from the security deposit in order to repair or replace it. Normal wear-and-tear is taken into account.

All our equipment conforms to Health Canada's Safety Guidelines for Children. We continuously check the internet for recalls and product warnings.

All equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between every rental. We use environmentally-friendly cleaning products made in Quebec.

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Is there a minimum order amount?

Yes, CA$50.00 for general items and $60.00 for full-sized crib rentals.

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Rental rates – how are they calculated?

Rental rates are calculated per night's stay. Equipment will be picked up between 9 and 10am on the day of departure.

The rental price structure is such that if the weekly rate is less than the rate for the number of days you require the equipment, you will only be charged the weekly rate.

No less than one day rental on any item – minimum order is CA$50.00 on general items and $60.00 for full-sized crib rentals.

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How do I pay?

Once you have submitted your order, you will be sent a Travel-Buggy Invoice from PayPal. The invoice will list the items you wish to rent, together with a security deposit amount and delivery, if applicable. At the end of the rental period and upon satisfactory inspection of the equipment hired, Travel-Buggy will credit the security deposit amount to your credit card.

NOTE: You do NOT need to open a PayPal account in order to pay, but you will need an e-mail address and credit card.

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Is there a cancellation fee?

Cancellation can be made up to 48 hours before delivery, for no charge. Travel-Buggy will credit the full amount on your credit card. If you cancel within 48 hours of delivery we will charge 50% of the entire order.

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Can I change my order?

You can change your order as many times as you need to, until delivery. If you change your order once delivery has been made, we will charge a small fee for delivery of additional items, payable in cash only in Canadian dollars plus a fuel fee.

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What happens if I arrive late at night, or early in the morning? Or depart later, or earlier than pick-up time (9-10am)?

Our office hours are from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. When you make your order, mention your arrival and departure dates and times in the Comments section and we will contact you for further details.

For example, if you are staying in a house, apartment or hotel, where possible, we will arrange with your contact (Real Estate Agent, friend or family member) to have access to the property before your arrival so that everything is set up and ready to use.

For late departures, we can arrange a later pick-up. For early departures, we will again need access to the property to pick-up the rental items. Please mention this in the Comments section of the order form.

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My arrival time does not reflect when I need the equipment – how can I let you know when to deliver?

If you wish delivery to take place once you have arrived and settled in, you can let us know by filling in the Comments section of the Baby Equipment Rental Order Form.

Alternatively, if you wish delivery to take place earlier than your arrival time, we will need to have access to your accommodation, as mentioned above.

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