Baby Equipment Rental - Montreal, Canada

Fees, Policies and Rental Agreement

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Rental of Equipment: See Baby Equipment Rental Order Form for prices. Includes linens and set-up (where necessary).
Delivery/Pick-up: Varies depending upon delivery location
Order Change / Extra Order: $10.00, plus delivery charge, plus cost of rental equipment
Cancellation (if more than 48 hours notice): Full refund
Cancellation (if less than 48 hours notice): 50% of total cost of rental amount
Minimum Order: $50.00 on general items and $60.00 on full-sized crib rentals
Security Deposit: $100.00 - refundable upon satisfactory inspection of equipment

Rental Terms and Conditions

  1. This Agreement shall be between you the "CLIENT" and Travel Buggy Services Inc "TRAVEL-BUGGY", with its Head Office in Montreal, Quebec, for the duration of the "RENTAL PERIOD".
  2. The RENTAL PERIOD is represented by Delivery and Pick-up dates, unless an alternative RENTAL PERIOD has been pre-arranged with TRAVEL-BUGGY.
  3. Delivery charges are extra and vary depending on geographical location.
  4. TRAVEL-BUGGY remains the sole owner of all its "EQUIPMENT".
  5. The CLIENT agrees to pay all monies in advance of the RENTAL PERIOD, using a valid credit card, and agrees to PayPal's Terms and Conditions of Use.
  6. In the event that you, the CLIENT wish to extend the RENTAL PERIOD, you must advise TRAVEL-BUGGY forty-eight (48) hours prior to your departure date, and upon acceptance by TRAVEL-BUGGY, payment of additional rental nights will be accepted upon pick-up of EQUIPMENT in cash in Canadian Dollars.
  7. The CLIENT agrees to pay a refundable security deposit. TRAVEL-BUGGY reserves the right to withhold any amount in order to repair EQUIPMENT that becomes damaged, lost or stolen during the CLIENT'S RENTAL PERIOD.
  8. The CLIENT will be liable for any replacement costs and loss of revenue of EQUIPMENT that becomes damaged, lost or stolen during the RENTAL PERIOD.
  9. The CLIENT agrees to clean any spills as they occur. Charges will apply to excessively dirty EQUIPMENT that requires professional cleaning or replacement.
  10. The CLIENT shall receive manuals published by the manufacturer of the products rented and agrees to comply with same.
  11. The CLIENT hereby agrees to indemnify and fully release TRAVEL-BUGGY for any and all damages, liability either bodily or otherwise suffered by the CLIENT or any parties as a consequence of the use of the EQUIPMENT and hereby recognizes that the CLIENT is using the EQUIPMENT at its own risk and peril and that TRAVEL-BUGGY is not making any representations or warranties as to the EQUIPMENT.
  12. The CLIENT hereby recognizes that the EQUIPMENT shall be for personal use only.
  13. The CLIENT hereby agrees that the EQUIPMENT shall not be taken out of the Province of Quebec without written authorization from TRAVEL-BUGGY. Annexe A "Out of Province Authorization" will need to be completed and signed in this instance.
  14. The CLIENT hereby agrees to pay any transportation fees related to the delivery or pick-up of the EQUIPMENT to and from the CLIENT where necessary.
  15. The EQUIPMENT must be ready for pick-up by 9am on the day of departure.
  16. In the event the CLIENT decides to cancel the present Agreement prior to delivery of the EQUIPMENT, the CLIENT hereby agrees to pay fifty percent (50%) of the price mentioned hereinabove if the cancellation is made less than forty-eight (48) hours prior to the expected delivery.
  17. TRAVEL-BUGGY does not accept responsibility for content posted on any website that is linked to its own.
  18. The present Agreement is governed by laws of the Province of Quebec, District of Montreal.
  19. The present Agreement has been drafted in English language at the request of the parties/Le present contrat a été rédigé dans la langue anglaise à la demande explicite des parties.

ANNEXE A: Out of Province Authorization (to be provided if necessary)